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About the FRESA CLUB

  1. Cashback Benefits (Individual, Group)
  2. Easy Check-In and Late Check-out until 11:00AM
  3. Best Price Guarantee
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FRESA CLUB membership is membership that allows special use of the official Sotetsu Fresa Inn website. Lowest prices guaranteed! A hotel industry first: "Instant cashback, the first time and every time"! Easy check-in–all you need to do is sign! A relaxed, late checkout time, extended until 11:00 (usual checkout time: 10:00)–a benefit only available to FRESA CLUB members.

No entry or membership fees. Join the FRESA CLUB before making your reservation!

* Some plans do not offer cash back.
* Memberships are valid for two years after the date of last use


Cashback Benefits

Join the FRESA CLUB and make a reservation to stay at one of our hotels from October 1, 2011 onward, and we'll give you "500 yen instant cash back, the first time and every time.

  1. Cashback benefits are restricted to FRESA CLUB members who make their reservations through the official Sotetsu Fresa Inn website (accessed by PC or mobile phone). Cash back benefits do not apply to reservations made by phone or through other internet sites.
  2. Some benefits do not apply to certain price plans. For further details, please check the price plans posted on our website.
  3. Cashback is based on the number of rooms that are reserved, not the number of guests.
  4. Cashback is provided at the time of checkout.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you will get the best deal for your stay at Sotetsu Fresa Inn if you make your reservation through our official website (this website). You won't ever have to compare prices with other reservation sites again. Make your reservations with the assurance you are getting the lowest price possible.